Groundwater Sapping

We-Jay Ni

Ni, W.J., and H. Capart (2006), Groundwater drainage and recharge by networks of irregular channels, Journal of Geophysical Research 111, art. F02014, 1–33. [PDF]

groundwater sapping 01

groundwater sapping 03

groundwater geomorphology 02

Channelized Sapping

Michelle Y. F. Huang and Alice Y. L. Huang

Huang, M. Y. F., A. Y. L. Huang, and H. Capart (2010), Joint mapping of bed elevation and flow depth in microscale morphodynamics experiments, Experiments in Fluids, in press. [PDF]

Groundwater Sapping 02

Groundwater Sapping 03

Groundwater Sapping 04

Sapping Induced Landsliding

Jeff Keck

Keck, J. (2010), Tieliku landslide, northern Taiwan: Possible role of focused bedrock exfiltration tested using a laboratory analogue, M.S. thesis, Graduate Institute of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Sapping Induced Landsliding 01

Sapping Induced Landsliding 02

Sapping Induced Landsliding 03