Taiwan Postcards

Putunpunas River, Southern Taiwan

Capart, H., J.P.C. Hsu, S.Y.J. Lai and M.L. Hsieh (2010), Formation and decay of a tributary-dammed lake, Laonong River, Taiwan, Water Resources Research, in press. [PDF]

Putunpunas River

Formation and decay of a lake


February 2-7, 2010


February 21-23, 2008

Hsu, J. P. C. (2007), Onset and growth of tributary-dammed lakes across alluvial rivers: theory and experiments, M.S. thesis, Graduate Institute of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

measurement 01

measurement 02

Turbid Tributary after Typhoon Kalmaegi

July 23, 2008

sediment-laden flow 01

sediment-laden flow 02

sediment-laden flow 03

Anti-dune along Laonong River

July 23, 2008



November 17, 2009

Investigation 01

Investigation 02

Investigation 03


February 2-7, 2010

measurement II 01

measurement II 02

measurement II 03

measurement II 04